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Creating Practical Solutions

Our beginning's as the Brothers Of Gaia began with the inevitable discovery that universal solutions from the ancient world had been lost to us while simultatenously replaced with devices moving towards the destruction of the planet and humanity itself. Rather than to remain in fear and accept the current state of humanity we as the Brothers Of Gaia have banded together to create, educate, and supply any individual or community from any part of the world with solutions to pollutants in the water, soil, and air while simultaneously increasing the overall vitality of all organisms in the area.

Bringing Science to Metaphysics

Today's most recent scientific discoveries have led to the creation of a bordering between SCIENCE and MAGIC.

We as the Brothers Of Gaia utilize the idea that science and magic are one in the same through the central multidimensional material that is ORMUS Minerals. Science does not currently have the instruments to measure this material mentioned in multiple ancient scriptures. Now with with metaphorical interpretation of the scripture the properties are slowly being discovered through experimentation all over the world in this now.

With this acknowledgement that science in this manner needs to catch up and is changing everyday, we choose to believe through a more spiritual context, but in order to aid the understanding of it's practicality in the world a scientific perspective/theory is applied based on the research of pioneers in the scientific fields of Paramagnetism, PEMF therapy, Radionics, Geomancy, & Weather Shamanism.

Through this unified perspective we are better equipped to bring awareness to the rest of humanity for innovation of all industries in the world through the funding of programs for these ancient devices and methods to be taught and applied.

What is Our Goal

Through scalable education, collaboration, and innovation the Brothers Of Gaia will see the blossomings of a foundation for a new simple way of living in harmony with the world. Through the global rehabilitation and amplification of the Schumann Resonance accompanied with Ormus Minerals on the Earth, we will see a return of the GOLDEN AGE for our Planet with the ending of Centuries of Ormus deficient living.

With this golden age we see a global acknowledgement of the frequency of the earth, it's relation to all materials on Earth, and a new evolutionary perspective on the utilization of both to enhance our way of living in the world.

With this manifestation we acknowledge the importance of every connection that can be made between our souls for co-collaboration & stewardship of a New Earth. Only with open hearts, minds, and souls can we unite to create a better way to live on the planet sustainably in full integrity and sovereignty. 

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