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This Monsoon coil incorporates 252 tin plated (paramagnetic) copper wires which is over 200x more cancelations to create a scalar wave on a New Dimension Tensor Ring.

The Mobius Coil has demonstrated to create a scalar wave field of intention configured by the user of the device, the crystal used, & the frequency chosen which affects all organisms and the environment up to 1/2 Miles - 3 Miles alone.

The Monsoon Coil can go over any crystal to make it into a Succor Punch & could very well demonstrate the creation of a field up to 5 Miles - 20 Miles

You can Obtain a crystal from the shop HERE to fit your choice of Monsoon Coil


This field is capable of:

-accelerating manifestations through the group action of entire communities

-eliminate pollution of all kinds in the area including but not limited to EMFS, Chemtrails, Nanotech, Pathogens, Water pollutants, nightmares, & Mental disease

-Deepening exploration of altered/other brain states based on the frequency being pulsed from the device


The Monsoon Coil comes with a 15Hz Zapper or Phone wires for custom frequency generation

Note: 9V battery not included

An additional Home Custom frequency Generators  & Amplifiers can be added to increase the range & strength of the coil by 3x and to customize the frequency being pulsed

You can stack the monsoon coils onto each other to amplify the field of effect exponentially more 🌪✨

the stacked monsoon coils can be created in harmonic frequencies /Cubits (Ra-Mu, Viking, Sacred Continent)and then played at different frequencies(7HZ, 15Hz, 3852HZ) that are in resonance with each other to amplify the strength of the PEMF field🎶🎶

Mothership Reiki Tools in the next tab are built upon the foundational Succor Punch design! They are the most advanced model of the succor punch that we carry to date.