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This Monsoon coil incorporates 252 tin plated (paramagnetic) copper wires which is over 200x more cancelations to create a scalar wave on a New Dimension Tensor Ring.

The Mobius Coil has demonstrated to create a scalar wave field of intention configured by the user of the device, the crystal used, & the frequency chosen which affects all organisms and the environment up to 1/2 Miles - 3 Miles alone.

The Monsoon Coil can go over any crystal to make it into a Succor Punch & could very well demonstrate the creation of a field up to 5 Miles - 20 Miles

You can Obtain a crystal from the shop HERE to fit your choice of Monsoon Coil


This field is capable of:

-accelerating manifestations through the group action of entire communities

-eliminate pollution of all kinds in the area including but not limited to EMFS, Chemtrails, Nanotech, Pathogens, Water pollutants, nightmares, & Mental disease

-Deepening exploration of altered/other brain states based on the frequency being pulsed from the device


The Monsoon Coil comes with a 15Hz Zapper or Phone wires for custom frequency generation

Note: 9V battery not included

An additional Home Custom frequency Generators  & Amplifiers can be added to increase the range & strength of the coil by 3x and to customize the frequency being pulsed

You can stack the monsoon coils onto each other to amplify the field of effect exponentially more 🌪✨

the stacked monsoon coils can be created in harmonic frequencies /Cubits (Ra-Mu, Viking, Sacred Continent)and then played at different frequencies(7HZ, 15Hz, 3852HZ) that are in resonance with each other to amplify the strength of the PEMF field🎶🎶

Mothership Reiki Tools in the next tab are built upon the foundational Succor Punch design! They are the most advanced model of the succor punch that we carry to date.

Below is a portal to the forum where we were introduced to this healing technology!

(Best accessed on desktop)

Feel free to peruse the many rabbit holes in the website also, there's a lot of gems!

As for the Succor Punch, you shall read in the article linked here that Ken Adachi was the one to conceptualize it, and really begin to see it as a regularly available piece of technology, for general protection from frequencies and entities alike.

There are a few differences between the model described (since this was written in the 90s and edited in the early 2000s) and the model now offered by Brother Gaia.

The copper strip, grounding tape, exposed wire tips, and the option of a frequency generator and not just a Hulda Clark zapper. As the years go on, the design becomes more refined and effective. Experimenting with different crystals has also made a remarkable impact on its function, and as you can see we've become quite partial with natural Citrine, Lemurian, Amethyst, and several potent varieties of Quartz!

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