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Tensor rings are utilized to bring harmonic structure to any form of matter through the use of frequency and energy(electricity). This matter includes water & air inside and outside of the body As well as more industrial matter like fuel or electricity.
Energetically they can be used to clear and harmonize the aura and to remove entity attachments and blockages as well as for manifestation

(spoken, written, visualized).

This is all due to  the tensor ring being a mobius coil that resonates at 7.83Hz + a selected cubit length that cycles an infinite piezoelectric charge around the coil. This creates a rotating scalar laser beam that can be placed over any form of matter and also enhances the absorption of other healing frequnecies and the intensity/loudness/amplitude of them. This combination creates an excellent tool for rehabilitating the frequency, structure, and chemical composition of water for increased hydration and purity.

Structuring water consists of harmonic resonance technology, which has the power to send molecules into a high spin state. This results in the accumulation of ORMUS minerals naturally in water. As exhibited by Dr. Emoto's work with photographing water molecules change shape based on emotion, we can use this water structuring technology to send loving and healing intention through the devices into the water. All poisonous additives should find themselves transmuted after 1-2 days of structuring as well as the creation of more bioavaliable nutrients(ex:Magnesium Bicarbonate).

In order to properly structure water the water needs crystalline matter such as a mineral solution in order to hold a crystalline structure with an array of molecules. It then requires a frequency to put the array of molecules into a symmetrical structure. Lastly the water requires movement such as vortices/vortexes to spin the  organized electrons of the molecules in the water so fast they implode the nucleus and combine all protons, and electrons to the perfect ratios to create the Ormus Minerals of the Platinum Group.

Shilajit used as a mineral source we offer in the shop that can be used in combination with distilled water and tensor rings to create the ORMUS accumulation effect  

Triskellion shapes also are wonderful for aligning water. The symbol is also known as the Heddeka, which is found across many ancient cultures to represent the element of water.

More info on structuring water can be found here.

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