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The Succor Punch & Radionics

Radionics is a science that involves the utilization of technologies that use the Schumann Resonance quantum communication system in order to scan, and reinvigorate the bioelectric fields of any person, place, situation, timeline, or thing in the world. It is a science that has been explored for decades and it's validity has been proven in the EU for holistic treatments of all kinds. It can be used to predict the future, increase ESP abilities(telepathy),  scan and enhance the bioelectric field, and increase the rate of manifestations exponentially.

The Succor Punch is the main radionics device we offer at Brothers Of Gaia by utilizing The Mobius Coil which resonates at 7.83Hz. The Succor Punch has demonstrated to create a scalar wave field of intention configured by the user of the device, the crystal used, & the frequency chosen and synchronized with the users Electromagnetic Field. The field is projected in all directions which affects all organisms and the environment for several miles with range dependent upon geographic location. 

Through the Schumannn Resonance Quantum Communication system telepathic messages are easily sent to the collective in order to bring forth ones manifestations exponentially faster through the unconscious responses from others.

With an increased field of resonance non-native frequencies and energy harvesting entities can no longer penetrate the bioelectric fields and all AI Implants are rendered useless (5G, Wifi, bluetooth, chemtrails). With this resonance comes the creation of negative ions to clean the air, water, and soil as well as within the body leaving chemtrails also rendered useless.

The Succor Punch is most important item to get in the shop because it protects, stablizes, and establishes more awareness of ones bioelectric field. It immediately gives the user more psychic/telepathic power, and it prevents all negative energies and outcomes from interfacing with the community/environment of the user for several miles.

The Monsoon Coil is a new dimension tensor ring wrapped with multiple mobius coils around it to create an exponentially larger scalar wave field. Due to the enhancement of RESONANCE by 8x from the tensor ring the monsoon coil can amplify the Schumann Resonance for up to 20 Miles based on location.

To keep the Succor Punch on 24/7 pulsing 15Hz from the zapper

a 9V Rechargable battery is required and can be found here in the shop soon.

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