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The Mothership is a combination of the Don Croft Succor Punch & the Slim Spurling Tensor Rings🛸🌪

Both devices utilize the Möbius Coil Winding ♾to create the action of frequency resonance with the Earth🌍(7.83Hz)
(the Infinity Loop)

Resonance is the exponential increase the field of effect due to the matching of natural frequencies between 2 objects/systems

Nikola Tesla discovered the Mobius Coil naturally resonates at 7.83Hz; the Schumann Resonance🌍♾

Because Both the Tensor Rings & Succor Punch use the Mobius Coil ♾ they both resonate with the natural frequency of the Earth . Therefore the resonance for the surrounding area exponentially increases along with the creation of Negative Ions aka Nature’s Grounding Medicine⚡️

These Negative Ions clean the Positive Ions surrounding environment sources from all environmental toxins, pollutants & pathogens including the ones in Chemtrails✈️💨🌫😷

When these two devices are combined the negative ions can reach a radius of 2-5 Miles correcting the Schumann Resonance & Cleaning the environment for the surrounding community🙏🏽♾✨🌍


Developed by Brother Gaia and Blissful Abundance, who have both been initiated into Usui Shiki Ryoho and have practiced side by side for some years, these tools are charged with the intention of being open to a wide range of energy healing needs for all levels of healers. The current design deals with Metatronic geometry, for the purpose of healing 1D - 13D space! Keylontic geometry versions are being developed for the healing of 1D - 15D space!

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