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What is Ormus?

ORMUS, the MULTIDIMENSIONAL MINERALS that create the HUMAN SOUL derived from the precious metals known as Gold, Silver, Mercury, Platinum, Iridium, Osmium, Rhodium, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Ruthenium, & Palladium

These minerals, unlike their 3Dimensional counterparts, are capable of LEVITATION, TELEPORTATION, TIME TRAVEL, and SUPERCONDUCTIVITY and can be ingested to bestow organic beings these very properties to be used for INFINITE ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL and MULTIDIMENSIONAL ABILITIES

This can be exemplified in the Bible, where we have stories at the origins of humanity where people lived for over 900 years; Tibetan monks fading into Rainbow Body's Light departing the physical plane without a traditional death; The Ancient Egyptians pharaohs & preists who conducted occult magic to transition without death by ingesting these minerals collected from the Ark of the Covenant within the Great Pyramids utilizing their mummified body as a placeholder/save point for their presence to influence the environment while conducting themselves beyond the physical plane.

These minerals are CONSCIOUS BEINGS that choose environments that are very rich in positive energy and can be attracted and accumulated utilizing SCALAR WAVE GENERATORS such as pyramids, Sacred Geometry, tensor rings, succor punches, orgonite, magnets, structured water, & human emotion+intention

When exposed to negative chaotic energies, they will disappear to find a more stable environment to be contained in

These are pieces of GOD CONSCIOUSNESS and our environments internally and externally determine whether It will bestow its otherworldly magic onto our environments

They can be found in nature due to a multitude or organic biological processes including: germination, fermentation, photosynthesis, mitosis, & the processes within the mitochondria

They can also be found through manmade invention utilizing vortex geometry, magnets, and alchemy through Rodin coils, Ozonation, magnetism, and the Vortexings of mineral rich water.

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