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The Teracare Wand

The Teracare Wand is a frequency wand that utilizes infared, terahertz, and an optical rose quartz tube to deliver frequencies as deep as the organs & bone marrow of the body

This wand activates stem cells, increases circulation, supercharges the mitochondria, structures water inside and outside of the body, prevents & corrects genetic mutations, & kills pathogens in the body

You can infuse these frequencies into food, water, air, and any other consumables of any kind as well as crystalline materials within your environment.

With daily use and consumption of these frequencies it has been shown through 2 years of anecdotal evidence that this wand can mediate many different conditions including Hashimotos, Lyme, Cancer, Alzheimers, Psoriasis, and much more as well as increase recovery times exponentially for any injuries to bones, muscles, or any other tissues within the body.

This wand is the product of 2 decades of research by the Chinese Academy of Science and has been released at a pivotal time where chronic illness is on the rise wirh almost 50% of the population being chronically ill.

If you are interested in adding this wand to your daily life or to create a wellness center

COMMENT "Tera" and I will DM you a link to purchase as well as PDFs to further educate yourself on the capabilities of this wand for you, your family, and even your community.

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