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The Science of Energy Healing

Energy Healing has been around since the beginnings of man and even beyond

The science of it has only been recently confirmed by modern-day science, and the evidence IS UNDENIABLE that this is not simply another example of a PLACEBO EFFECT

The Power for the human vessel to become a PEMF therapy device is very much a matter of fact. Through our nervous system, we can generate BIOELECTRICITY throughout our entire vessel, and with that flow of electricity also comes the movement of MAGNETIC FIELDS ⚡️ 🧲

This Electromagnetic movement can then be transferred to others through the field generated by the heart that reaches 6ft -15ft dependent upon our EMOTIONAL STATE & RESONANCE WITH THE EARTH 🌎 🫀

We have multiple ways to bring our emotional state to compassion & love as well as to induce RESONANCE WITH THE EARTH

The succor punch is a prime example of this. With the electricity flowing through the crystal and being concentrated at the apex/terminations 💎, our EM field interacting with the crystal⚛️➡️💎, and our intention (attention + emotion)🧠➡️🫀 utilized to direct the pathway of electricity through our nervous system⚡️ we are capable of fully altering ourselves and others through hands on energy healing and simply PRESENCE.

This is why when someone enters a room, something feels completely ALTERED.

If you would like to learn more from myself or the PEMF handbook comment "Frequency" and I'll send you a link to the book and a link to schedule a consultation to learn more about applying this knowledge to yourself and others ⚡️

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