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The Relationship between Biological Transmutation & Ormus

Biological Transmutation is a key to why we are all superhuman and are capable of utilizing CHI energy to sustain ourselves for long periods of time without eating, drinking, or sleeping.

We are all multidimensional particle accelerators capable of transmuting our ORMUS, Multidimensional Soul Matter into any element we need at any time through the power of SUPERCONDUCTIVITY

This why individuals who utilize scalar energy, tai chi, & breathwork for their benefit feel that they need less and this is only one piece of the puzzle of why in Sacred scriptures people lived to be over 900 Years Old

If you want to create an environment to accumulate this matter within your body ,environment, and anything you ingest

Comment "ORMUS" and I'll send you links on how to create ORMUS for yourself and a promocode to the Brothers Of Gaia Shop to get tools that help you ACCUMULATE EVEN MORE

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