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The Power of Structured Water

Structured water is a biological cheat code to being able to intake toxins with them having very little effect on us❄️

You see, water is a conscious being.

It holds information and distributes that information to the cellular bodies intracellularly and extracellularly. This means that every part of our body receives the information there there are toxins present and the water has configured these toxins in a perfect formation to be introduced out of the body.

You can say it's negative ions vs positive ions, you could say it's the molecular and atomic masses, but that simply is trying to reach for a scientific consensus on something that is truly miraculous and a gift from the God/Source/Creator Above that is very much us as we are it

With that being said, there are multiple ways to structure water, and it is all based on the underlying principles of Frequency. That is part of the reason why Structured water is such an inherent part of frequency healing as we are all made and surrounded by WATER 💧

If you're interested in exploring the benefits of Frequency Charged Water and arming yourself with the fundamental tools to be able to face many of the toxins in today's water that may not be able to be rid of through the water filters we have avaliable to us today

Comment "Frequency" for a link to pre-order our newly released Frequency Water Kit,

I hope this information you use well and you pass it onto the generations that come after us.

After all, the ones who live the longest are not the ones that worry or stress about what they consume but are simply happy when they consume it. That is the frequency you want to be in and what will reward you the most.

Much Gratitude & Love 💧❤️

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