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The Mold Guard

The Mold Guard is the latest in advanced air purification technology that takes very little space and energy to utilize while having a dramatic impact on the quality of air we are breathing and the potential toxins around us that can burden our systems.

The Polar Ionization creates a separation of H2O in the air and creates 2 electromagnetic gaseous attractors from Hydrogen & Oxygen. This process breaks down the particles in the air and increases clustering of contaminants in the air.

The heavy clusters of contaminants fall to the ground and are then able to be vacuumed up after having gone through a process of neutralization rather than continuously remaining in the air we breathe

This Mold Guard easily fixes any room with mold. It cleans the surfaces of the room, including door handles and clothes, it can clean the mold out of air systems like AC Units, E Coli in the bathroom, and even Tetanus on a nail

This is a must have, must gift kind of technology and it takes another toxic load off our bodies to be able to live and regenerate in proper peace and to have another solution for removing toxins from our lives.

Thank you @mattblackburn for sharing this technology and much more in the realm of biohacking education through your brand @mitolife

Link is in my bio to get the Mold Guard


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