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The Lumivitae Frequency Infusion Hydrogen Water Bottle

The Lumivitae Frequency Infusion Hydrogen Water Bottle utilizes:

- Full spectrum light just like our own Sun☀️

- A ring of magnets

- Frequency programs inspired by the Healy Microcurrent Device


By utilizing these all together, you are drinking high antioxidant, structured water that can deliver proper information/frequencies to increase the efficacy of the metabolic processes in the body

Not only this, but you are creating water that has all properties to accumulate ORMUS, the Multidimensional Minerals Of The Soul responsible for unlocking our dormant superhuman abilities

All that is needed to create ORMUS in this water bottle are a full spectrum of ORGANIC MINERALS

Ex: Shilajit, Herbs, or Fruit

By drinking this water, you are giving your body the internal environment for optimal wellness to mediate many inflammatory and pathogenic conditions that we all suffer from while activating stem cells in the body

This water is capable of mediating brain fog, neurodegenerative conditions, autoimmune conditions, cancer, Lyme disease, Hashimotos, POTS due to "Long Covid", organ damage, and much much more!

It also increases recovery, endurance, & growth of every kind in the body

It is perfectly safe for every organic being on this planet to ingest this water, and you may even find it is life changing for you and those around you to be able to consume it every day

If you are interested in purchasing this amazing piece of technology

Type "Frequency" in the comments section, and I will send you a link for you to purchase

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