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The Golod Pyramid Experiment

Alexander Golod's Phi Ratio pyramid experiment exemplifies that through the power of geometry and raw materials we can create interdimensional portals for extinct species to come back to our plane of reality

The DNA signatures of these beings never leaves the ecosystem, and they can be brought back through these scalar wave generators

With materials as simple as PVC Pipes, Fiberglass, and Glue, there's simply no excuse why this can't be the reality all over the world to bring balance & peace to the Earth

What we need is to bring awareness to what seems like otherworldly sci-fi episodes, but it is true and practical science that has been left understudied or hidden from the public to create a dystopian world

They paint the world as a bleak and scary place with the end of much of the natural world hanging in the balance but this is far from the truth. We have all we need to bring balance back to this planet and all that is required is open-minded individuals unified with these simple and fundamental principles that the ancients followed to create their own miraculous time on this planet🌎

With trillionaires and billionaires on this planet the resources aren't the problem, it's the lack of knowledge that's growing ever so rampant that really has our future hanging in the balance

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