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The Earth Powered Succor Punch

The Earth Powered Succor Punch is designed to transmute dirty electricity in the soil while creating a PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD to manifest the intentions of the user/buryer👁➡️🌐

They are the Towerbuster 2.0 built with a self cloaking system to prevent them from being dug up and dependent on how much voltage is in the soil the Radius Of Effect can be 0.2 Miles - 10 Miles!

These Succor Punches are made for gridding and extending the range of your Home Set Up while also syncing up with it and increasing the Earth's RESONANCE🌎⚡️

These Succor Punches can also be used for Electroculture, as your plant grows, it can program the succor punch as well and utilize the INCREASED RESONANCE to amplify it's growth, they may even help you bust those chemtrails 🌿✨️

Your Home setup could be an orgonite pyramid at home, a succor punch, a scalar plate, or any of them in combination!

Bury these Succor Punches at Cell phone towers, Smart Meters, Transformers, Places where lightning strikes often, and anywhere else that can provide a fair amount of voltage to increase the range of effect!

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