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The Different Types of Weather Shamanism

There's several variations of Weather Shamanism you can utilize for geoengineering, but this one is by far the most advanced for increasing the capabilities of your own VESSEL

The ones that take nothing but intention are:

-Ritual Based Weather Shamanism🗣🔥: Utilizing a Ritual to Call on Benevolent Entities to clear the Geoengineering in the area for you for SEVERAL HOURS so you do not have to exert ANY ENERGY

Ex: Agni Hotra/Homa Therapy🔥

This method is undetectable because no extra energy is outputted from you, and all they can see is the radius on their radar.

-PEMF/Radionics Weather Shamanism💎⚡️: Pulsing a frequency field of intention to clear the Geoengineering in the area, this method is not 100% EFFECTIVE because they can increase the density of the area through increased spraying and intensifying the frequencies to overpower your setup

Ex:Succor Punch/Scalar Plates/Orgone Generators

This method creates a cloak over you, and you are undetectable as all they can see is the radius of the field on THEIR RADARS

You can utilize PEMF/Radionics Weather Shamanism to amplify your connection/influence on the environment through RESONANCE 🌍 and this reduces the amount of energy that has to come THROUGH YOU for Telekinetic Weather Shamanism

-Telekinetic Weather Shamanism👐🏽⚡️: Using the cultivation of CHI in your VESSEL to interact and establish a connection/influence with the environment. This is by far the MOST TIRING but MOST REWARDING

The only downside to it is that when you GET TIRED your ENERGETIC DEFENSES GO DOWN so you are left vulnerable to any BLACK MAGIC, FREQUENCY WEAPONS, GANGSTALKING, MALEVOLENT ENTITIES, VOICE 2 SKULL TECHNOLOGY, & SURVEILANCE, and they know exactly where you are because your body is a CONCENTRATION OF ENERGY on THEIR RADARS

THEM➡️📡 👾👽🤡👹 👺👻😈🤖 🛰⬅️THEM

🥺⬅️ YOU

If you want to protect yourself from this phenomenon type "PUNCH" in the comments and I will send you a link to the 2 methods that take very little energy while cloaking you🥋

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