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The Dangers of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The Inferility Agenda only gets crazier everyday. With men suffering since birth with the disruptive effects of xenoestrogens like plastics, fragrances, and pesticides

Being force fed phytoestogen laden foods like soy, flax, and rancid fats from nut butters, and vegetable oil.

Subjected to easy dopamine fixes like video games, social media, pornography, weed, and alcohol

And bombarded with EMFs attacking our testes and sperm it's never been harder to be a man with the responsibility of reproducing for the Earth the next generation of healthy children

We have been systematically disrupted to be more feminized, question our sexuality, and be removed from our roles as the grounded, confident leaders we are meant to be for our community and family

Now is the time to use what Mother Nature has given us all to reverse the damage that has been done to us through the herbal remedies she has supplied us with boost our testosterone, our fertility, and our strength to provide and protect our families🌎

Don't get duped into doing TRT and say goodbye to your future generations and the ability to create your own testosterone💊

Comment "Vitali-T" and I'll send you the best testosterone and fertility boosting supplements that are capable of making you grow big muscles, big members, and big balls 🏋‍♂️

The most vital energy for us that keeps us healthy is our sexual energy, don't let yourself be compromised by the BS corporations that don't want us to prosper💪🏽🔥

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