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The Air Angel

The Air Angel is another amazing product by @hypoallergenicairllc that utilizes advanced NASA air purification technology to mediate manmade pollutants like formaldehyde, ammonia, pesticides, and so many more industrial chemicals found from many things in our homes and workplaces

It is built with Polar Ionization technology to neutralize all pathogens including mold, bacteria, and viruses like the Flu, COVID, and Salmonella

This device is built to be portable so you can easily take it with you while traveling to avoid the chemicals of the outside world and at temporary stays like Airbnbs and Hotels which can be ridden with fumes from bleach, flame retardant furniture and bedding, as well as unclean air ventilation systems

This is an incredible product for you and your families health and is built to be able to purify a studio apartment when placed in the right location for maximum air exchange

If you're interested in getting this air purification technology for yourself

COMMENT "Angel" and I'll send you the link and promo code for a discount on your purchase

Much love and breathe easy 🌬❤️

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