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My Self-Destructive Journey as a Vegan

This is 1.5 years ago, 100Lbs, malnourished from not eating enough of the right things and not eating enough, not doing any resistance training, not taking any testosterone Boosting supplements except for Shilajit, limiting my intake of food to labels and companies I deem "safe" to consume

This is Now, 136Lbs, eating an omnivorous diet for muscle building, taking several testosterone boosting supplements,eating organ meats, resistance training 2x-6x a week for a total of 5 months consistently While eating whatever TF😂

Overall, I feel healthier, with more vitality and confidence from doing the necessary lifestyle changes I needed in order to grow and thrive

I have nothing against the vegan diet. For some people, it has worked. I think it's more accomodatable when you live closer to the equator so you can get fruit straight from the source during peak ripeness/nutrient availability. The US is not built for that.

The level of limitations I set on myself for the things I consumed was unhealthy, and the stress of being that strict was even counterproductive to my own physiology as I would starve myself for hours until I found something I deemed as "safe" to consume

I did this for years, eating exclusively fruit and drinking juice, water, and doing UT at times

This led to multiple nutrient deficiencies inside my body, including Vitamin A, D3, Zinc, K2 and developing plaque on my arteries and candida overgrowth from consuming so much rancid polyunsaturated fats from MOLD INFESTED nut butters clogging up my lymph😷

When I switched to Raw Dairy, Organ meats, Spring Water, and Fish my candida and mold went away, I was less acidic, and the pains I was developing in my body began to subside💪

This took 5 years to resolve,and I've learned a lot of valuable information from the journey 📖

If you would like to learn what exactly I did in order to increase the growth of my muscles and testosterone levels within such a short span of time ⤵️

COMMENT "TROPHY" and I'll send you a guide including products, workout protocol, and lifestyle protocols you can do to increase muscle growth and increase testosterone levels If you are a man 👨 💪🏆

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