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How to Reverse Genetic Modification with Ormus

With the DARPA Agenda of a fully Genetic Modified World there is a solution that is going under the radar that needs to be made aware to the people of the Earth!

Ormus the Multidimensional Material of the Soul is the key to it all!

With the properties of preserving HEIRLOOM DNA IN ALL ORGANISMS we can HIJACK the agenda that Bayer Monsanto, The Gates Foundation, & The World Economic Forum has been perpetuating for decades.

The MRNA vaxxed can still be saved

The GMO Humans can be saved

Our food Supply can be saved

The answer lies at the very foundation of organisms.


By giving our probiotics these Multidimensional Minerals can be become the mass generators of it as they continue to multiply their SUPERPOWERED DNA.

By us consuming these probiotics we then take on the ORMUS they are creating and begin correcting OUR DNA.

We can do this with food we grow or food we ferment and with the powers of structured water and scalar devices, we have limitless options to get this magic dose of minerals into our everyday lives, our communities, and the WORLD 🌎 ✨️

Not familiar with the GMO Agenda or want to know how to get started with this Multidimensional Ormus Probiotic?

Comment "GMO" and I'll send you the link to a drive folder to inform you on the agenda, links for instructions on how to make and use this ORMUS PROBIOTIC, or where to purchase it and some ORMUS to get started immediately!

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