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Ormus Supplementation is  the result of plant-based sources of minerals remaining in tensor fields for more than 24 Hours.

These multidimensional minerals of the soul were very much present inside us, our food, and the materials we used for buildings centuries ago, but due to environmental pollution and manmade EMF radiation the Ormus Minerals have left the environments they cannot be stable within and have left our environment, with less vitality, nutrient density, and the human life span shortening from 1000 years to 60 years

The universal solution is Ormus and every device we offer at the Brothers of Gaia Shop gives you the environment to accumulate it for its many benefits that include:
-Flow State👁
-Exponentially more energy in the body⚡
-Psychic powers are awakened or strengthened(telepathy'/telekinesis, precognition, clair- abilities, and time travel)
-Superhuman regenerative abilities for all systems of the body

-Genetic Modification Immunity
-and much much more 🧙🏽‍♂️

ORMUS Supplementation

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