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Ormus & Paramagnetism

Ormus is the Multidimensional substance of the Soul that accumulates in environments where movement and healing frequencies are present.

It is accumulated in the body through all frequency based devices we carry in the shop and is likely responsible for the increased telepathic interconnection that is found with using them.

Secret societies through the system that is religion, while using pyramidal structures, have given us scripture inside of these ormus accumulators/scalar wave generators for centuries.

With that it has been realized the great mass of humanity has been manipulated into manifesting the reality within the scripture by a secret society.

This is how we take back the timeline & this is how we write our own stories in the Optimal Timeline Reality 🙏💜


Paramagnetism: The 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 Force Of Life

Paramagnetism, Discovered by Dr. Phillip Callahan, brings the concept that subtle forces are required for the evolution of Organic Life.

Paramagnetism is the result of a substance having a weak magnetic field and with that weak magnetic field comes the amplification of other weak natural forces.

Paramagnetic Materials include Ormus, Tensor Rings, Orgonite, Volcanic Rock, Oxygen, & Nitric Oxide. These materials will heal our vessels & the planet🌍.

Without Paramagnetic material the resonance of the Earth cannot come thru into a geographic area to enhance and aid the formation of Organic life.

By having paramagnetic material inside of our body the immersion & Absorption of Infared Light, Biophotons, Healing Frequencies, Sunlight, Cosmic energies is amplified by 3.5x-8x

By having a tensor ring on our body we can amplify our Brain Waves and Ultimately our Connection to the Earth which will lead to an acceleration in Human Evolution👁
Theoretically Accelerated by 3.5x-8x

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