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New Earth Grid & Weather Shamanism

The New Earth Grid is based off of the unification of the principles of Paramagnetism & Ormus Accumulation scaled to a global level. The Ancients, Ancestors, and Mystery Schools all utilized these principles at the locations we now see as "Sacred Sites" for ritual, accumulating ormus within their structures for the elite to consume, and now to this day utilize them for the strategic layout of cities in order to decrease overall wellbeing by dampening the Schumann Resonance with non-paramagnetic materials and harvesting negative energy from the result that is increasing crime rates, suicide rate, accumulation of pollution, and overall chaos and distress in the public. Points like the Washington Monument or the Statue of Xochipilli at the Pan American Union Building.

When paramagnetic materials are present the Schumann Resonance is amplified through the soil, water, and air inside and outside of all organisms while also amplifying absorption of all other life promoting frequencies/photons in the environment such as cosmic, infared, terra, UV, and many more unseen forces.

This is theorized to result in increased activity of the mitochondria in all organisms leading to more electrical reactions in the environment and the cleansing of pathogens with increased UV/infared light resulting in negative ionization and the cleansing of pollutants inside and outside of all organisms. 

This work is confirmed by Phillip Callahan and can be referenced from his book Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature's Secret Force of Growth

Weather Shamanism was practiced by the ancients by utilizing their sacred sites(pyramids) that amplify all frequencies to summon rain or sunshine through the vibrations of dance, chanting, fire, and much more. This can be seen in the Vedic practice of Agni Hotra and the rain dances of many indigenous cultures of the world. These are the earliest examples of Weather Shamanism showing the power of the earth frequency, the directing of human intention via the pineal gland, and vibrations from the vocal cords to send energy through a pyramidal or dome like structure to bring forth a weather pattern that is needed.

Modern day Weather Shamanism now consist of a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field device) combined with an earth frequency, human intention via the pineal gland, and the generation of human energy around the PEMF device. This results in negative ionization from the humans and the device due to RESONANCE.

Resonance is the concept of two frequencies matching to increase the overall volume or intensity of a frequency. With this in mind amd the examples above the result of weather shamanism is due to the matching of RESONANCE with the planets air, water, soil and our own DNA, Brain, and Heart, as well as the PEMF Device or Pyramidial/Dome like structure.

This has been outlined to be an environment where Ormus accumulates and so we then see the unified principles in full circle.


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