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Chembusters are a form of scalar wave generator created with the intention of healing weather patterns from pollution and artificial manipulation. It takes a couple days for the environment to adjust to the tech once it arrives, and there may be some strong purging with lots of rain or clouds. Whether the area needs that detox period or not, the sky will soon begin to lose all the blankets of clouds, and all that will remain are the whispy gentle clouds (air elementals, aka sylphs, protective spirits attracted to the good energy) and blue sky. This is because the cloud blankets are usually atmospheric congestion consisting of heavy metals and other pollutants, and they are known to weigh down and depress the area they cover. This can also be caused by radiation from 5G and other geoengineering methods. The beneficial energy of the Chembusters break through the density, and promote a higher resonance to enter the space. Making Chembusters part of a larger crystal grid also make a huge impact on your space and the surrounding environment. Whether it's inside in a meditative space, perhaps on an altar, or outside in the sunlit grass or garden, just make it sacred and special!

Below, you will find powered pyramids and other originate devices created by Orgonation, Succor Punches available for crystal selection by Brother Gaia, and the MOTHERSHIP healing tool created by Brother Gaia and Blissful Abundance.

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