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Cubits & Frequencies

Cubits are a form of measurement that utilize lengths of measurement that convert into frequencies/Hertz. This form of measurement was utilized by ancient civilizations all over the world including the Egyptians, Vikings, Bosnians, Sumerians, and much more to create their megalithic structures and their architecture in order to invigorate all living things including themselves with frequencies that are compatible with the Earth that enhance all cellular communication & functions. 

To give a real life example the Egyptians utilized 4 different frequencies/cubits in order to create the Great Pyramid of Giza and this gave the priest, pharaohs, and all other high ranking individuals in the Egyptian society the perfect place to accumulate Ormus Elements, increase psychic abilities, DNA repair & extension/recovery of the telomeres to heal at rapid rates to ensure their life span was extended, and to conduct rituals/manifestations. These frequencies would radiate out onto the land and onto the people and would invigorate them with life energy which assisted them with sustainability in their food. it would  energize the water in the air which allowed them to be bathing in negative ions and hydrating themselves through breathing the air.

This is only one example of many sophisticated ancient civilizations that realized a length of measurement could have a power/trait to assist living organisms in all functions and these are the measurements we utilize to structure the electricity coming through the tensor ring to create a frequency field to effect the matter within the ring. You can study more about Egyptian cubit measurements from this Ebook in our educational drive folder.


List of Cubits

Sacred/Royal 144Mhz:Hydrogen atom, works on harmonizing physical matter, increases Hydrogen in the body, similar effects to drinking Hydrogen Water


Lost 177Mhz: Utilized for emotional healing & relation to the physical body including traumas/tension held in organs, lowers stress response. Similar to an adaptogenic herb


Empowerment 188Mhz: Decalcifies the Pineal Gland, Aids in feeling the natural Earth Resonance (7.83hz), good for transmuting, centering and grounding for deep shadow work, good for letting go of programs & beliefs that do not serve you. Pairs well with 144Mhz & 177Mhz


Sound Healing 333Mhz: Harmonizes/Amplifies Sound/Music, Adds additional frequency to Sounds/Music, Water restructuring to a high spin state in 4-6 hours, ORMUS water, balance PH of water, Speaking through the ring for increased manifestation, speaking through the ring for frequencies of emotion to coherently be brought into the water.


Ra-Mu 404mHz : Activates 12 strands of DNA, connected to Lemuria, brought back to authentic self, activates codes stored in the cell, Masculine, clears past present and future, Immediate and Forceful ray of light, works with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th Chakras, The best pain killer. Compatible with all frequencies Vertical. Great for chembusting


Breaks down into: 2/3; 1/24; 1/18; 1/16; 1/12; 1/10; 1/8; 1/6/; 1/5; 1/4; 1/3; 1/2; 1

 Sacred Continent 68Mhz:

Horizontal beam of Yin & Yang energy, Crown chakra, perfectly, used regardless of time & space for higher self perspective, great for restoring peace and for sleep, great for astral projection and removing past trauma, perfect for distance healing, used harmoniously with Ra-Mu to program reality onto a different timeline, used harmoniously with Viking for projecting love further inwards and further outwards


Breaks down into: 2/3; 1/64; 1/32; 1/16; 1/9; 1/8; 1/6; 1/4; 1/3; 1/2; 1

Viking 443Mhz:infinite flow of feminine golden light, good for sleep, emotional disorders, connected to Atlantis, works with water. Works with 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakra, tooth pain


Breaks down into:1/16; 1/8; 1/4; 1/2; 1

Phi Cubit: Ascended Master/Higher Self infinite vortex connection


1/2 or 1/3 

Amjorca Cubit 432Mhz + 528Mhz: Creates a harmonic inside the body that energizes, activates, & repairs dna, cells, organs, and the aura of the body. Described by clairvoyants as a quantum web of vortexes that invigorates energy at all levels microscopic-macroscopic. It is the strongest cubit to date

Good for pain relief, DNA repair, relaxation, brain hemisphere sync/flow state, opens the heart, optimizes sound & color, deepening meditation

Compatible with 188Mhz & 333Mhz

Length: 26.55"

Breaks down into: 1/2, 1/3

Indigo Cubit:  Creates a blue shield of light on a quantum level to give the user the capability of miraculous healing, protection, purity, and a solid connection to the higher self. Connected the civilizations of Sirius, Arcturus, Pleiades, & Blue Avians. 

Good for miraculous healing, energy work, protection from EMFs, chemtrails, & malevolent entities, experiencing peace, deepening meditation, brain hemisphere sync/flow state

Compatible with 404Mhz, 443Mhz, 68Mhz

Length: 18.44"

Breaks down into: 1/2, 1/3

All measurements can be found here to be utilized for jewelry, architecture, engineering, clothing, and more

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